Pork Soy Ginger

Pork soy ginger is one of the popular home cooking dishes. It really goes well with rice. Sliced pork loin or pork belly are commonly used. However pork loin is more often used. Pork loin contains high amounts of vitamin B1 which helps natural body energy. Ginger also gives you many health benefits. Traditionally sliced pork … More Pork Soy Ginger

Braised Pork Belly

Braised pork belly called “Buta no Kakuni” goes well with beer and rice. The fat in pork belly melts in your mouth straight away after biting into it. The meat is very tender. It often served with greens and boiled eggs. Traditionally sake and sugar are used, however I used port wine to add sweetness and … More Braised Pork Belly

Japanese Pork Dumplings (Gyoza)

“Japanese Dumplings (Gyoza)” Japanese dumplings are quite similar to Chinese dumplings. The difference that I found is the wrapper. Japanese wrappers are thiner and less gooier than the chinese ones. Apparently Chinese dumplings are commonly boiled then any left over dumplings are pan fried, whereas Japanese dumplings are usually exclusively pan fried. If it’s the … More Japanese Pork Dumplings (Gyoza)