Tuna Stew

  “Stew” Cooking fish, meat or vegetables in a sauce or stock develops the flavour of food. There are stew dishes in Japanese cuisine like any other cuisines. The stewing is not only maturing the flavour but also enables the food to be stored for a while. This recipe does not require a long cooking time. … More Tuna Stew

Deep Fried Eggplants with Soy Based Sauce

  “Deep Frying” When you hear deep frying in Japanese food, most of you probably imagine crumbled or battered dishes like “Tonkatsu” (Bread crumbled pork) or “Tempura” (Battered fish or vegetable). There is another type of deep frying dish called “Agedashi”. Usually vegetable or Tofu are either lightly floured or not floured then are deep … More Deep Fried Eggplants with Soy Based Sauce